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Navel Candling


Can acts as a natural colonic irrigation

It helps in proper digestion.

Abdominal massage is best for problems related to constipation.

It promotes elimination, and secretion of hormones.

It stimulates liver and gall-bladder.

It strengthens weak and relaxed abdominal muscles.

It breaks down adhesions.

It helps in aligning the pelvic bones.

It adjusts the uterus to its proper position in case of problems.

It releases muscular armoring in the trunk and enhance circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.

It releases deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area

Abdomen massage produces heat, which melts adipose tissue or fat.

General improvement in blood circulation benefits the blood vessels in the abdominal cavity.

The liver, the gall-bladder, and the pancreas receive a large share of oxygen and nutrients and release their metabolic waste products.

Abdomen massage helps open the abdominal cavity and release the fascia so the organs can lay unrestricted in their natural positions in the abdominal cavity.

Abdomen massage can lift the spirits and increase the energy of the receiver by stimulating the nerve endings in the abdominal plexus

Abdomen massage benefits 

Improves immune system & Metabolism

Improves irregular menstruation & Pain

Reduces Water Retention

Helps in gastric problem

Helps in insomnia

Helps in Bloated Stomach

Improve Blood pressure

Helps Constipation

Helps Diarrhea

Frequent Urination

This is a holistic treatment and therefore the therapeutic effects can last long after the treatment is finished.

Contraindications to Naval Candling and Abdomen Toning Massage

Any inflammation of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes or bladder prevents treatment.

Stones in the bladder, kidneys, gall-bladder prevents treatment.

Ulcers in the colon, stomach or intestines prevent treatment.

Anyone after they have eaten a heavy meal.

Anyone with uncontrolled high blood pressure should avoid massage, as the blood pressure will be increased.

Anyone who has had blood clots, an abdominal massage can break up clots that can then move to the heart or lungs.

Anyone who has had surgery recently or has had bleeding in the brain, lungs, stomach or brains.

Anyone who is pregnant or think they can be pregnant.

If you have any questions about this treatment please contact us and we can discuss the treatment to tailor to your needs.

During the treatment a detox clay or aromatic massage oil is placed on your abdomen for 10 minutes you can choose a little added treatment of Reiki at no extra cost, just because you Deserve it!

Ear Candling

What To Expect During An Ear Candling Session:

You are first instructed to lie on your side with your body in a straight alignment.  A hollow linen candle is gently inserted into the ear canal and the opposite end is lit. Only the highest quality candle is used, such as beeswax,  the candles are typically nine to twelve inches long. The candle creates a vacuum that draws our built-up earwax. The extracted earwax and fungus will be burned off and the majority will be collected in the bottom part of the candle. After the candle has been extinguished, the practitioner will cut open the remnant and show you the contents.

Most people cannot believe what has been collected from the ear canal. If you have a hearing loss, you may feel a little heat during your session. Many people have reported an improvement in their hearing after just one session. The entire process takes 30 to 40 minutes and can be repeated every 48 hours as necessary. Healthy ears can be maintained with 3 to 4 yearly visits.

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