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Yoni Steam, also know as vaginal steaming is a natural and gentle holistic approach to vaginal rejuvenation. It is a form of hydrotherapy which utilizes herbal infusions from Mother Earth that is placed into a warm relaxing steam bath that you sit over and allow the steam to cleanse and detox your vagina, cervix, uterus and entire reproductive system.

Vaginal Steaming has been known for cleaning, releasing toxins, assisting with fertility conditions, cleansing after a menstrual cycle each month, support after childbirth, re-strengthen and tone the reproductive organs, support symptoms of PMS, blood clotting during the menstrual cycle, regulate the menstrual cycle and also for preventative care.

Women With These Conditions May Benefit From A Yoni Steam:


*Yeast Infection

*Uterine Fibroids

*Painful Urination

*Bladder Infections

*Hemorrhoid Relief

*Uterine Weakness/Uterine Prolapse

*Irregular Menstrual Cycles

*Ovarian Cysts


*Heavy Bleeding

*Uterine Toning

*Vaginal Dryness

*Polycystic Ovaries

*Blocked Fallopian Tubes

*Reproductive Adhesion/Scar Tissue

*Previous Vaginal Tear Or Episiotomy (6 weeks after birth)

*After Childbirth Care (6 weeks after birth)

Other Benefits Include:


*Weight Loss

*Vaginal Moisture

*Vaginal Tightening

*Vitamin Absorption

*Perineum Support

*Balanced Emotions

*Hormonal Balance

*Uterine Strengthening

*Decreased Hot Flashes

*Menstrual Regulation

*Increased Circulation

In Most Cases a Woman Should NOT Yoni Steam If:

*Experiencing Extremely Heavy Menstrual Cycle

*Have An Acute Vaginal Infection

*You Have Open Wounds, Sores or Blisters

* You Have An IUD

*You Have Genital Piercings, Take Them Out before Steam Session


Here at Trinity Rain Waters, the Practitioner will deliver a professional Yoni Steam experience. We are knowledgeable of Herbal and Essential Oil remedies for womb health and we maintain a strong commitment in keeping a clean and sanitized facility.

(Benefits vary per person based on your individual needs and concerns, that will be determine during consultation.)

After Your Yoni Steam

Some may experience increased vaginal lubrication & enhanced sexual pleasure.

You may notice more moisture immediately or shortly after a steam. This is due to the radiant warmth of the heat, which penetrates deeply into the muscles and tissues of the vagina which elicits vigorous sweating and increases oxygen flow and circulation to remove impurities, and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals-much like with a normal sauna treatment. The sweat seepage restores and tones the mucous membranes in the vagina, which increases fluid pressure in the tissue of the vagina, resulting in the release of vaginal mucosa (secretions) which can enhance sexual pleasure or orgasmic sensation.

Some may experience improved vaginal tightness.

Certain herbs used in our Yoni Steam blends offer natural benefits to vaginal health and rejuvenation. Herbs such as Mint Leaves are effective in tightening the vaginal walls, and Aloe Vera which is a clinically proven remedy for tightening a loose vagina for its astringent properties. Some women experience a significant difference in sensitivity and tightness following a Yoni Steam, resulting in heightened sexual pleasure.

Some may experience a possible change in vaginal discharge.

The possibility of temporary discoloration or change in consistency of vaginal discharge can occur from the release and clearing of stagnation and toxins from the uterus. This is a natural reaction due to cellular debris, tissue overgrowth, and pathogenic factors being drawn out and cleared away by the circulatory systems. Discoloration of discharge may take up to two weeks to dissipate.

Some may experience light cramping.

Sometimes when introducing new herbal remedies to the body you may experience a “healing crisis” or “rebound-phase”, whereas you feel pain before the healing as the body returns to a natural homeostasis “state of normal health” in rare instances where this is the case, clients have early onset of menses as the menstrual cycle prepares to reset and regulate itself. Old residue, like large clots, can cause cramping as they loosen and release. The uterus is helping by contracting and trying to push the matter out. If you experience cramping after steaming this is a sign that old residue has naturally debrided.

*Tip: Avoid cold and frozen foods, iced beverages and cold weather. Drink warm beverages, eat warm soup, use a heating pad, get adequate rest, take a hot shower and stretch or exercise to stimulate blood circulation. You may also sit over the open toilet using a warm sitz-bath using any of our vaginal steam herbs to help the old residue flow out, use organic cotton pads or menstrual cups instead of tampons, try self-applied abdominal womb massages lying on your back with a hot towel compress.

Some may experience mild skin irritation.

Excess mucus seepage can make the vagina, vulva, and mucosa folds itchy or inflamed especially if it has bad bacteria, yeast or an infection living in it. As this mucous is released it may cause temporary itchiness or discomfort.

* Tip: It is recommended that you keep the external vaginal area very clean and dry, so the bacterial microbes don’t multiply.

Additionally, consider wearing loose fit clothing and 100% cotton underwear in this case. You can also help to drain the excess mucous by using a peri-bottle, or hand-held shower to rinse the area clean which helps to prevent irritation. This is useful directly after steaming and also until your next Yoni Steam session.

Some may experience the urge/tendency to pass gas.

This occurs due to the warmth of the steam resolving bloating and excess water retention caused by poor diet, hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, digestive troubles and more.

Some may experience induced menses.

Rarely, a steam may encourage light spotting or bring down your period earlier than expected. Depending on the blood-color range this may indicate one of two things; Dark spotting- that the uterus is releasing old indurated menstrual residue or light pinkish, red spotting- that the steam has promoted flow of blood circulation and the uterus is resetting itself for a healthy natural cycle. This is especially important for women with irregular menstrual periods, or dysmenorrhea.

*If you are prone to intermittent spotting, bleeding or excessively heavy flow please mention that before your treatment or during intake, to ensure your practitioner can set you up on a safe, mild steam using gentle herbs.

Some may be more susceptible to pregnancy.

Due to the nature of the process of getting a Yoni Steam, the warmth of the heat in combination with wet-steam and particular herbs infused into your steam, the uterus is assisted with getting a full cleanse and releasing any blockage or pathological accumulations in the vaginal canal. Besides releasing blockage, the steam may also increase secretions from the mucous glands within the cervix, which provides an alkaline, fertile environment in the vaginal canal that is favorable to the survival of sperm. Once a healthy uterus is achieved and blood flow in the perineal area is increased- it is likely that pregnancy may occur, as this is an optimal environment for successful implantation.

Excessive or Prolonged Bleeding

If your period is fresh blood (not brown old residue) and has continued for an inordinate amount of time (10 days or longer) then this is no longer your menstrual period and you are bleeding excessively due to uterine fatigue. Please contact your primary care provider for further evaluation of symptoms 

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